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Site: The Age - Latest News
Christian Lealiifano 'rested' from Brumbies' crucial Jaguares test
Top 5 films screening this weekend
Anzac Day 2018: artist pays tribute to creatures that went to war
Who are we as men? 'Sidelined' writer confronts suicide in a play that offers hope
The best of what's on this weekend
Your stars with Lilith
Goldfields gardens throw open their gates for autumnal displays
Chinese landscape architect plants ancient solutions to a modern dilemma
Parents' letters to arrive from the grave as Bendigo exhibition probes the past
Harpist Xavier de Maistre swaps Celtic mist for sex appeal
Markets Live: Banks help ASX rally
'It looks a bit third world': Hundreds of fish die in Lake Conjola
Adam Goodes controversy a sorry affair for football
Patrick Ness on teen monsters and turning Moby Dick on its head
Screen Grabs: the best streaming, games, DVDs and free-to-air TV
Lunch with Vance Joy: 'Playing a stadium is a massive shift'
Hazard reduction burns planned for the weekend
Basketball Victoria CEO banned from local games after referee fight
Russian router spies: what you can do to protect your home internet
Doctor Blake Mysteries to return without Craig McLachlan
Locals fear the worst if logging restarts round tiny Gippsland town
APS travel spend booms as bill nears $600 million in 2017
Malcolm Turnbull unlikely to follow Theresa May's plastic ban
Hipsters rejoice as synthesisers recapture the forgotten sounds of the future
Father's advice pays off for $8 million Sydney lottery winner
Flashback: Sir John Monash, the unsung general
Bloodthirsty drunk Egyptian goddess inspires new beer on tap in Brisbane
100-ball game can prove a winner but Test cricket ignored once more
Why startups need to start talking about failing
Why read Hoess memoir? 'Gross' book offers an instructive glimpse of evil
'He wouldn't hurt anyone': Calls for more training for police after man shot dead
Fairfax photos of the week - April 19, 2018
North Korean leader removes major nuclear sticking point
When do you have to start paying tax on your hobby?
'Economic self harm': Morrison cautions against bank break-ups
Family's fears for Mount Waverley man missing for nine days
David Edgerton, Burger King co-founder helped make the Whopper
The latest illustrations from artist Matt Golding
How Scott Morrison changed his tune on the banking royal commission
Chris Latham's Diggers' Requiem to be performed in Amiens and Canberra
Best of Fairfax cartoons April 20
'Ban these Russians': Magnitsky crusader lays down gauntlet to Bishop
Woman dies after Armadale Road collision
Brisbane police officer admits killing baby son
MKR's Sonya and Hadil accuse Seven of cooking up drama 'for ratings'
Brad Shields seeks clearance for England
Queensland gyrocopter pilot found dead
Wenger backs Vieira as future Arsenal boss
The latest illustrations from artist Simon Letch
Super Netball teams to get bonus points

Site: The Age Technology Headlines
Man flu? When 'the flu' is really just a cold
Aboriginal scientific achievements recognised
Procrastinator? Blame it on your genes

Site: Slashdot
Cloudflare: FOSTA Was a 'Very Bad Bill' That's Left the Internet's Infrastructure Hanging
AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors Launched and Benchmarked
LA Councilman Asks City Attorney To 'Review Possible Legal Action' Against Waze
Apple Has a New iPhone Recycling Robot Named 'Daisy'
Hackers Keep Robbing Cryptocurrency YouTubers
German Supreme Court Rules Ad Blockers Legal
New Alexa Blueprints Let Users Make Custom Skills Without Knowing Any Code
LinkedIn's AutoFill Plugin Could Leak user Data, Secret Fix Failed
Millions of Chrome Users Have Installed Malware Posing as Ad Blockers
FDA Wants Medical Devices To Have Mandatory Built-In Update Mechanisms
Netflix Could Start Buying Movie Theaters to Help Films Gain a Boost in Oscar Race, Report Says
The Higher Your Salary, the More Time Your Employer Will Pay You Not To Work
Pasta Is Good For You, Say Scientists Funded By Big Pasta
Microsoft Has Run Out of Windows Phone Stock
Turn Right at the Burger King: Google Maps Begins Using Landmarks To Help With Guidance
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Kiosk Useful School of Physics stuff
Gourmet Husbands A Melbourne food podcast
Atom Optics My Work
Physics The Physics department

Journal Articles I should probably read:
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Site: PRL: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
66. Multipolar Polarizabilities and Hyperpolarizabilities in the Sr Optical Lattice Clock
74. Reflective Amplification without Population Inversion from a Strongly Driven Superconducting Qubit
68. Steady State Entanglement beyond Thermal Limits
49. Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with Nested Polariton States
9. Rotational Energy as Mass in ${{mathrm{H}}_{3}}^{+}$ and Lower Limits on the Atomic Masses of D and $^{3}mathrm{He}$

Site: Recent Articles in Phys. Rev. A

94. Analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models in trapped ions
37. Neural-network-designed pulse sequences for robust control of singlet-triplet qubits
97. Following coherent multichannel nuclear wave packets in pump-probe studies of ${mathrm{O}}_{2}$ with ultrashort laser pulses
36. Topological photonic orbital-angular-momentum switch
59. Bound states in the continuum on periodic structures surrounded by strong resonances

Site: Optics Letters

18. Silicon-based hybrid demultiplexer for wavelength- and mode-division multiplexing
4. Photon pair generation with tailored frequency correlations in graded-index multimode fibers
2. Propagation and refraction of left-handed plasmons on a semiconducting substrate covered by graphene
6. Residue number system arithmetic based on integrated nanophotonics
19. Endoscopic optical coherence tomography enables morphological and subnanometer vibratory imaging of the porcine cochlea through the round window

Site: Optics Express

8. Enhanced light extraction of plastic scintillator using large-area photonic crystal structures fabricated by hot embossing
14. 3D thickness distributions of plano lenses as a means of cavity pressure characterization in microinjection molding
0. Infrared photocurrent management in monolithic perovskite/silicon heterojunction tandem solar cells by using a nanocrystalline silicon oxide interlayer
9. Intermittent burst of a super rogue wave in the breathing multi-soliton regime of an anomalous fiber ring cavity
16. Reflective all-sky thermal infrared cloud imager


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